Camp Fire Works

This is a game that a group of friends created to be able to shoot fireworks together while respecting the social distancing guidelines and rules due to COVID19.

VR Multiplayer


Ionic Defender

a surprisingly addictive gameplay!

Arcade HomeTeam GameDev


Space Monks

A RPG system where the health of all players are joined together.

Hackathon GMTK2021 Multiplayer


Perspective Wand

One of the mechanics of Superluminal in VR. It is a delight to play with this perspective game mechanic in VR.

Project VR WebGL


Astro City (Giant Octopus)

Play as a giant defense kraken in VR, or as an AR assistant on handhelds and Hololens

Hackathon VR Multiplayer Cross-Platform Asymmetric Gameplay


Missile Mania

Stranded in a moon with only a flamming baseball bat and a shield to defend yourself from alien missiles!

Hackathon VR Vive Tracker